Analytics Solutions

Data-Backed Labor Decisions

In order to make resounding changes, one can’t simply rely on average analytics.

FastPay’s consistent, easy-to-digest, high-quality analytics solutions empower your business leaders, operational executives, and front-line managers with the data that they need to understand labor issues, which helps them make more informed decisions. These analytics pair with automated tools to present your business with a more intimate look into your payroll data. By supplying reports on an entire spectrum of needs, from employee compensation changes to absence rates and everything outside and in between, your business can

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Aiding your company in deciding whether or not to expand, geographically, depending on costs related to employee and vendor compensation, onboarding and training, and compliance. 

  • Showing your company a direct correlation between employee compensation and performance.

  • Accurately showing your company individuals who might be approaching retirement to enhance proactivity with transitions

Make it easy to identify problem areas so your teams can drill down into your data to uncover root causes and take appropriate action — for better business results.