Absence Management Solutions

Lower Costs. Higher Productivity.

FastPay’s absence management solutions keep the productivity of your company high while minimizing the costs of absenteeism in the workplace. As a method to drive engagement and productivity, we’ve compiled top-of-the-line automated solutions to streamline the understanding of complex labor laws and Department of Labor regulations and keep your business on track to sustain compliance throughout the lifecycle of your company.

Our solutions calculate accruals for each employee based upon your organization’s rules and policies while also providing the ability to improve workforce the stability of your company’s workforce.

Some of the key benefits include but are not limited to:


  • Automatically flagging suspicious behavior, such as missed punches, skipped breaks, and early/late arrivals, allowing you to take action swiftly when issues arise
  • Allowing employees to clock in and out from a time clock, a computer, or a mobile device
  • Simplifying repetitive tasks like time-off approval and creating schedules


Our solutions manage sick time, vacation time, accruals, early check-ins, late arrivals, and so much more. Give your company peace of mind with FastPay’s absence management solutions.